Student Success

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In our work with students we have heard stories about the challenge of transitioning out of dorms with their onsite staff, programs, and community support into private apartment communities where they feel lonely and disconnected from what is happening on campus.  We hope that the staff, programs, and living expectations in the Central Place apartments will help provide students a safe and supportive place to live and transition into apartment living.



Space will be provided for residents to gather and hang out in the Harless Center. Programs will be offered by staff so that students can get to know each other through weekly meals and service projects.


Programs will be offered for students to discuss their faith and belief and learn about other’s beliefs. Programs will be offered to provide students with a secure, safe, and supportive lifestyle. A leadership team comprised of trained staff will be at the heart of Harless Center at Central Place to guide students through their respective journeys of personal growth. There will be at least one director of program and care per floor. We envision a community that promotes and supports positive choices through consideration of others. Harless Center at Central Place will not hesitate to discipline or evict those whose negative behavior and rule violations threaten others’ safety or quality of life. Each student tenant will be required to sign and adhere to a Code of Social Responsibility.

The Harless Center at Central Place community will be grounded on the following Five Pillars:


  1. Community Living: Spaces will be provided for students to gather and hangout including a coffee bar, community center, prayer room, fitness center, and lounges on each floor.
  2. Community Outreach and Advocacy: All Harless Center at Central Place residents will be encouraged to take part in community service and/or advocacy projects.
  3. Community Faith Conversations: Programs on the intersection of faith with academics, service, and culture will be available.
  4. Community Fellowship: Weekly meals, alternative weekend activities, retreats, game nights, small group discussions, recreation activities.
  5. Community Leadership: Residents will have the opportunity to take leadership positions in programs, discussions, and outreach, and opportunities will be available.


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