Code of Social Responsibility

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This Code of Social Responsibility is to be seen as primarily an Honor Code where residents choose to abide by the policies and hold one another accountable.

All residents are expected to abide by all state and federal laws, the WVU Code of Conduct, and the WVU Sexual Harassment and Social Justice Policies. Any organization seeking to reserve space will respect the HC@CP Values and Code of Social Responsibility found in this document.

Members of (residents, staff) and guests to the HC@CP community will be expected to agree to the following:

Academic Success

  • Ensure that they are creating an environment that is conducive to learning for not only themselves, but also for all members of the HC@CP community.

Personal Responsibility

  • Take responsibility for their actions and decisions.
  • Hold one another accountable when they are not living into the values of the community in the manner of Matthew 18: First going to the person directly, second, taking a friend (of the person you are concerned about), and finally drawing attention about the decisions or behavior of concern to the staff of Central Place.
  • Refrain from possession and use of illegal drugs and alcohol in Central Place, Harless Center, or while participating in any program associated with Harless Center.


  • Treat one another as members of one household regardless of beliefs, ethnicity, economic status, ability, sexual orientation, and/or gender.
  • Respect privacy and confidentiality where appropriate.
  • Seek to place community well being over personal convenience.

Spiritual Exploration

  • Welcome persons of all faiths and no faith into HC@CP, its programs, its conversations, etc.
  • Consider what core beliefs are grounding their lives and actions.
  • Engage in thoughtful and respectful conversation with those whose faith is not in consensus with their own.


  • Participate in the sustainable practices – including but not limited to recycling, water conservation, and power conservation.


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