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Eating on a college budget


Food shopping can be very expensive especially on a university job. When you do not have the money to splurge on eating out every day then you are forced to cook meals that have to not only be healthy but cheap can be a challenge. If you are interested in keeping your monthly food bill low but still eating ood food there are a couple of things you must remember:

  • If you are $ poor you might not be time poor.  Use this to your advantage.
  • Everything you buy should be at least 50% off retail.  Every. Single. Thing.
  • Realize that if you are really sticking to a budget, you have to change your whole thought process on food.  It is a staple of survival.  Lard is the highest calorie per cent food you can buy.  Disturbing, but if you are going to be scientific about it, makes the most sense (I’ve never had to go there).
  • You can do this by ramen, but that isn’t healthy, or tasty.

So if you want to make a food budget low you are going to have to make a plan for each meal. It is not  as tough as you think it’s going to be!

First, you must cook every meal at home. NO questions about it. You must in order to save.

Second, the sales and discounts are the way to shop. Use coupons and clearance items when in the grocery store.


Breakfast- It is the cheapest meal of the day. Eggs, milk and bread can be a great healthy meal as well as cheap items.

Lunch-Sandwiches are the cheapest meal when planning a meal. PB&J or turkey sandwiches are low in calories as well simple items that are cheap. You can also have leftovers from dinner as an option. Lunch is a wild card

Dinner- Chicken, rice & beans, salad, and veggies are all popular items to eat during dinner. This will be the most expensive meal because it is larger food items. It will also be the hardest to eat healthy with because it can be a meal can be a cheat meal if its late and you do not feel like cooking.

Snacks- this is the item that you will spend the most money on because they are full of bad fats and high in calories. Stick to carrots or any product that can be cheaper than junk food.

Hacks- Drink tons of water before each meal it will make you feel fuller when you eat each meal. Also, look for items that are off brand because they are very similar to the brand you love but are cheaper and can save you money.