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How to Handle Stress During Finals Week

It’s that time of the semester when everything is coming to end and finals are here.  This may be one of the most stressful times of the semester because all of your classes require work to be completed and studying for each exam so you are prepared.

Over the course of finals week there are normally two goals: do well on exams, and keep stress to a minimum. It can get overwhelming and you can start feeling the pressure at the worst time. RELAX! We’ve got some tips for you to get through finals week and be successful while doing it.

1. Make a list

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Lists will be your best friend during this finals week. You might have so many things going on that it could be very easy to forget to hand in an assignment that could be important. The best advice I can give is to write everything down due before the end of the semester with the dates its due. Making a list can reduce stress because it helps put things in perspective. It can allow for you to get organized and know what you have to complete before the end of the week. The best satisfaction of a list is being able to write it down and then cross it off. It can make you feel a sense of control and feel accomplished during a stressing week.

2. Get exercise

You might be surprised by how relaxed and energized you feel after a quick jog or walk around campus. It will give your brain a break and allow you to clear your mind. It is also a great way for you to take a few minutes to turn off your technology and recharge your brain.

3. Take advantage of on-campus programs

The university wants you to do well on your finals so they offer many de-stress programs that can help minimize stress for a little bit. One example is to play with the dogs in the mountain lair. Nothing is better than playing with a cute little puppy when you are stressed out. Playing fetch or petting them can decrease stress. The mountain lair also offers an art program. If you are feeling stressed you can take a half hour to paint a picture of a flower or the beach. It is a great tool for relaxing and clearing your mind. Lastly, the mountain lair offers UP All Night food for late night snacks. You can also talk to someone if you are feeling really stressed out and need to talk to someone. They also have tutors available if you are having trouble studying material efficiently.

4. Eat and stay hydrated

One of the most important things you can do during a stressful week is eat and drink water. Although, junk food may be the go to snack when stressing out this is a big mistake. Junk food gives you an instant energy but affects your concentration and memory and will later give you a crash. Eating food that is nutritious will increase your energy and retention of information. Fruits and vegetables are the best because they are filled with vitamins and nutrients that will help you through long study sessions. It is also important to stay hydrated because that is when your brain works best. Dehydration cause fatigue and headaches which can be a distraction from studying a getting your work done. Your body will thank you after a long week of study if you give it healthy foods and plenty of water.

5. ZZZ’s

Lastly and MOST importantly is sleep. It is NEVER healthy to pull an all-nighter. But if you do make sure you take time to nap. Your body needs sleep to function properly. It will improve your quality and retention of studying. You will feel refreshed and ready to go for your 8 am final. A good night of sleep can change your attitude about studying and create a positive feeling for the stressful week ahead.

Procrastination such a Facebook, twitter, Instagram and any other social media is a huge problem for college students when it comes to studying. It will happen but try to keep it to a minimum. Remember in a week from now it won’t matter what your friend posted on Facebook but it will matter what grade you received on your final. If you need a quick laugh go to YouTube and watch babies laughing. It always cheers me up. Then go back to work

Good Luck on finals everyone from the Harless Center.