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Surviving Finals – how to avoid an all nighter

All-nighters are a trademark for college life and there is no way of getting around it. However, the best way to minimize your work load during an all-nighter is to stay on top of your work as much as possible.

When the time comes to pull an all-nighter—and it will come!—here are a few tips to help you survive and recover properly:
1. Avoid stimulants: They can cause shakiness and, in some cases, an inability to concentrate. Lower doses of caffeine, such as coffee and soda, can help. Eating healthy foods high in energy content, as well as drinking a lot of water, will help you feel better physically come test time.
2. Find a well-lit location: The key is to find an environment with as few distractions as possible. A close cubical or a table alone will help you focus and not be sidetracked.
3. Tackle your more challenging assignments first: I know this sounds painful but as the night goes on you’re likely to lose your capacity to concentrate and do good work.
4. Focus and reward: Choice a span of time to focus on your mind and concentrate at the task. Then you can reward yourself with some time to talk or goof around. Stick to this schedule and it will be much easier to focus and not feel overwhelmed.
5. Some sleep in better than no sleep: your mind and body will function better on a small nap than on no sleep at all.
Most importantly, be aware of what scientists call “sleep debt.” Give yourself time the following day to take a long nap, and plan on an early bedtime. Sleep debt can accrue quicker than you think, and can have dramatic effects on your academic performance. It’s wiser to listen to your body, and give it the catch-up sleep it needs after an all-nighter.